We understand how expensive it can be to hire a lawyer to vindicate your rights or to defend yourself.

We don't want to make money from our clients. We want to make money for our clients. For that reason, whenever possible, we enter into contingency fee arrangements. A contingency fee agreement, where our fee is based on how much we obtain for our client, reduces the downside for our clients and places a premium on achieving an optimal result quickly and efficiently. We will not accept a case unless we believe in it and believe that we can obtain a result that is worthwhile for both our clients and our firm.

In criminal and investigative matters, where contingency agreements are not permitted, we understand that a person suspected or charged with a crime is going through an incredibly difficult process. We do not believe it is appropriate to be greedy at such a time. We believe that it is both possible and desirable to negotiate a fair and reasonable fee. As a result, our criminal defense clients obtain representation comparable to New York's top criminal defense attorneys at significant discounts.

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