Age Discrimination
State and federal laws protect workers from discrimination based on their age.
Arbitration Agreements With Your Employer
Employers are increasingly asking workers to give up their rights, so watch what you sign.
Asserting Your Rights in the Workplace
Learn how to protect your rights in the workplace and get results.
Dealing With Unsafe Conditions
Steps to take if you think conditions at your workplace pose a hazard to your health or safety.
Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
Many state and local measures protect gay and lesbian workers from discrimination in the workplace.
Don't Embellish or Lie During the Application Process
It may help you get the job, but you could pay for it later.
Electronic Monitoring
Understand the privacy laws that cover your telephone, voicemail, email, and Internet use at work.
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Men and women doing the same work are entitled to earn the same pay.
Fair Pay and Time Off FAQ
Health and Safety FAQ
Legal Actions Against Privacy Violations
Find out what you need to prove if you want to sue your employer for violating your privacy at work.
Losing or Leaving a Job FAQ
Of Genes and Pink Slips: Genetic Testing Goes to Work
Genetic testing was first labeled an advancement, allowing us to improve preventative medicine. Now it's being used in workplaces to label employees -- and some call that a violation of privacy.
Race and National Origin Discrimination
Discrimination in the workplace hasn't gone away. Here's what it is -- and advice on what to do if you think it's happening to you.
Religious Discrimination
Employers must not discriminate against employees based on their religion, and they must accommodate employees' needs to practice their faiths.
Sexual Harassment
Use the law and your employer's complaint procedures to protect yourself from on-the-job harassment.
Smoking in the Workplace
As health concerns increase, more and more workplaces are going smoke-free.
The Family and Medical Leave Act
Get information about all of the laws and benefits you may be entitled to before taking a leave.
Unemployment Compensation
Not everyone who loses a job is entitled to unemployment benefits. Find out if you are.
What to Do If Your Employer Fights Back
The law prohibits your employer from punishing you for asserting your rights under workplace safety laws.
When You Have To Be Paid For Not Working
Find out the rules regarding pay for things like on-call time, sleep time, education, training, and breaks.
Working as an Independent Contractor FAQ
Workplace Privacy FAQ
Workplace Testing
Learn the rules on medical exams, drug screens, lie detector tests, and psychological profiles.
Your Rights When You Leave a Job
Tips on severance packages, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and final paychecks.
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